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Vaulting ambition

Posted by harm.evil.lilac on March 3, 2019 at 05:56 PM


So, I had this exchange in skype earlier with a former colleague (who was the previous geology superintendent in our other site) which was now hired as a consultant on my former site (basically we switched locations). 

In 2017, he was asking for geological data on regional geology which I purposely ignored due to the reasons below:

  1. At the time, he was already made redundant from our company. He's asking for privileged information on areas that he didn't work on at all. While we were in the same department before, with him being in Myanmar and I was in Laos at the time, the data of both sites were compartmentalised, I don't have access to much of their data and most of them working in Myanmar didn't have access to ours.
    When he asked for the data, I was still working at the same company albeit on a different department and didn't lose access to the data. I wasn't the current custodian of the data since that would be cross-department stuff and I have to ask permission to my previous boss (which I also didn't want to do).  I am bound by company rules and my contract not to give him any.

    I eventually figured out why he was asking for the said data - there was an opening for an expatriate exploration manager on a company working on the tenement adjacent to the areas we've worked on -- so yeah double no -- I won't be complicit to theft of intellectual property.
  2. Also, aside from him not qualified for the data. I don't intend to help my rival But that's a story for another day

Well, this time and that time are different. He was hired as a consultant by our company to re-interpret the data that we have to check if those who worked on both mines didn't leave any concept not investigated. As part of his mandate and I'm sure he's bound by confidentiality agreements -  I didn't have any qualms helping him at this stage so yes, both reasons I gave above doesn't hold true.

Anyway, in the end, the data he's looking for this time actually didn't exist save for regional geophysics dataset so I cannot help him that much. Problem solved.


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