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Ang busy ng buhay. I no longer chew my food. I just swallow it right away. Lol.

1 hr lunch is not enough to answer chat and messages outside work. I felt Mom's disappointment when I told her I'm not going home tonight. On Sunday, it's my brother's birthday.


Oh wait, here's my food. 


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So the trainer told me that her Citrix is not working so she'll have another agent train me instead.

As the training progressed, the agent said, "actually, ako yung nag presintang i-train ka. Bakit? Kasi, gusto ko lang."

This sounded so damn familiar. Nilalandi ba ko neto?

I love you 300000 and 1

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Dear Lord,

Pag napang-asawa ko po si Mr. Chill, magdo donate po ako ng 300000 sa simbahan...

So, Lord... baka naman...


Kung ipapakita ko ang picture nya sa friends ko, alam kong wala sa kanila ang magsasabi ng "gwapo", pero para sakin, gwapo sya.

Ang laki ng tinaba nya mula ng una kaming nagkakilala. Quits lang, ako rin naman. At gusto ko parin naman sya.

Loko loko lang talaga yung lalaking yun. Ayoko talaga sa lalaking makulit. Gusto ko kasi yung graceful and dignified. Pero iba kasi si Mr. Chill.

Wala akong masabi sa bait ng taong iyon. Sa dami ng lalaking nakilala ko, sya lang yung nakita kong ganun. Sabi nila wala naman daw perfect, pero para sakin, perfect na sya.

Years ago, hiningi ko narin sya sa Langit. Ayun, "hindi" ang isinagot sakin. Or was it "hindi muna"? 

Well, malalaman natin.


There were a few people na may sakit sa office. With my swollen tonsils, feeling ko magkakasakit na rin ata ako.

I already confirmed my attendance for our meeting this Friday. My attention this week was so focused on my new work that I sometimes forgot that Toastmasters exists and that I belong there. 

This Sunday will be my brother's birthday. We will celebrate on Saturday. Brother will treat us on a buffet meal and he also invited some of our tita's.

Umaga na ko makakauwi ng Saturday. Ang daming nagaganap sa Earth.

Day 3

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I got back the office after a bio break and found people gathering near my temporary seat, solving some helpdesk problem. It looked simple to me, but I shut my mouth. Of course, I could be wrong.

Feeling ko, well, feeling ko lang naman, Nua*ce people can solve most of the work issues here even with their eyes closed. Again, feeling ko lang naman.

... mejo nalulungkot na ko...

Shattered But Not Lonely

Posted by notwocanoccupy on July 15, 2019 at 05:01 PM

My dad sustained some injuries from a fall last Sunday morning.

Sometimes, in some dark corner of my mind, I wonder if he's slowly trying to kill himself.

Not literally, but these days, these months, he looks like he's ready to...go. 

We haven't even had a biopsy yet of the mass they found in his thyroid, but...I wonder if he feels this is it. That his life is basically done and he's ready.

His injuries are minor--scratches and scrapes, but I keep wondering if they're something internal that's going on. I plan to have him checked on the day of his biopsy just to be sure.


His memory has been spotty lately, too. Last night, he forgot that he fell, he forgot that he's having difficulty walking, so he suddenly stood up and tried to go to the bathroom. The problem is, he was too slow, he ended up peeing on the hallway and he nearly slipped again. It was two in the morning and it was just sheer luck that we were all still up.

Apparently, none of us could sleep after what happened.

Watching your parent slowly deteriorate in front of you is another experience that you can't prepare for. I thought it would be like the movies: you cry, you spend tender moments with your parent, then they pass.

But why should I be surprised that in real life, things are different? Life is not a story. There is no plot, no progression, it's not building up to a grand climax. It's messy and illogical and illegible.

My dad is not a fan of tender moments lately. His humor is intact, though the jokes come rarely these days. His philosophical side also comes out less often now, but it is there, and it is every bit as clear and incisive as before.


It could be worse, I told myself in the 10 hours between I went to bed and lay awake until sunrise. My dad could be in extreme pain (which he's not), he could be totally in dementia (he's not)...

Sigh. I need to be strong for what's coming.


Onna Otoko

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Trying to pass time. Alas sais pa out ko. Sabi ng trainor after 30 minutes lecture, bukas nalang daw iba. Namemorize ko na ang mga nakasulat sa dingding. Wala pa kong pc login I have no way of pretending to be busy. Pwede kaya matulog muna?


Brother and I was having a convo abt men. He said na ang gusto daw ng mga lalaki e yung mejo boyish. Ayaw daw ng mga lalaki yung maarte at matagal mag-ayos. Ayaw din daw nila yung matagal mag shopping. He even joked na nagoyo lang daw sya ng asawa nya.

Iniisip ko lang... may babae bang hindi maarte, mabilis mag-ayos at mabilis mag shopping? Feeling ko kasi, kung lalaki ka, at ganito ang hanap mo, mas mainam siguro na humanap ka na nalang ng isa pang lalaki. Lol.

I got the same thinking though.

Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit pag nagsama sama ang mga lalaki, para silang kitikiti. Pwede naman lumakad ng maayos, may pa sirko sirko pa. Kailangan ba talaga nilang maging laging magulo?

Ngayon, naiintindihan ko na kung bakit ang dami sa mga lalaking nagustuhan ko noon ang bading. Mas pino kasi silang kumilos at hindi yung lundag ng lundag. Lol.

Pero sa totoo lang, gusto ko parin ang mga lalaki.

Iniisip ko lang, paano kaya matagumpay na nare-reconcile ng mga mag-asawa or mag jowa ang mga ganitong differences.

Day 2

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Because I slept my Sunday away, hindi na ko nakatulog kagabi. Day 2 is a day when I'm supposed to observe. There's nothing to observe though. Walang magawa. Antok na antok na ko. Wala rin naman ginagawa sa dati kong trabaho, pero at least, pwede matulog.

Ansakit ng paa ko. Bakit ba ko nag high heels?

Sabi nila 1 month pa daw yung ganito. Walang ginagawa. I thought this is an urgent position.

Uwing uwi na ko. T_T

Posted by chronicwind on July 15, 2019 at 05:16 AM

Lawrd what is this horniness i just want to be r a v a g e d

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