Posted by chronicwind on March 24, 2018 at 12:04 AM

Pag natapos to, pag ayaw na niya, iiyak talaga ko

Ive fallen deeper than i thought

baby steps

Posted by dabahnidanda on March 23, 2018 at 10:43 PM

on a roadtrip to hometown

while on the other part of the planet my friends are off to Tokyo

if at this point in time, i'm in that part of the world

i may also be travelling with them.

Life and parallel universe

sometimes, they do coincide

but you are where you are because you choose to be where you are

we make our own choices

we live with our own decisions

and life is all that

standing up and accepting the consequences of what you chose to do in the first place.

so here i am on a roadtrip

thinking about things I wanted to do

places I wanted to explore

and yes, telling myself, do it, one at a time.


Posted by cinderellaareus on March 22, 2018 at 03:34 PM | under: Thursday

A lot of things are breaking my heart today that i'm surprised i'm even standing.

pero sa tingin ko talaga PMS lang to. pak this.

lakas ko pa kumain kung kelan i plan to wear swimsuit sa outing namin this sat.

pero keber. magsi swimsuit ako. sana lang kasya.

namimiss ko na mag swimming. the last time i swim was 2 weeks ago.


we handed one of our pups to his new owner. soon, the others will go too, leaving only my riri behind.

the new owner of the 1st pup lives just accross the house so everytime i hear a wailing animal, i go crazy.

this is just so heartbreaking. i know mom's heartbroken too. if only we can give them a better life here. T_T


"Savings namin un ni Zah. Sabi ko sa kanya mag** ulit sya dun para makaipon kami."

a friend sent me a screenshot from the convo she had with the boy.

The "kami ni zah" joke. Bow.


pag kami lang, hindi naman sya ganyan kalandi.

alam ko naman joke lang.

pero di ba, jokes are half meant?

still, joke parin.


putek, nako confuse ako.

ayoko na nga.

thin place

Posted by princess_bride on March 22, 2018 at 09:47 AM

thin place is a term used for millennia to describe a place in time where the space between heaven and earth grows thin and the Sacred and the secular seem to meet.


it's not everyday that we encounter our "thin place". yesterday, i encountered mine in the most inconspicuous place - in a spa. i got the package SP 2 which had body scrub and body massage. so had to do the body scrub first and the lady named Angel who did it, hooked me into a very engaging and enlightening conversation. and for some reason i just felt His presence and that everthing happens for a reason.

i have been feeling desperate the past few days. really - when it rains it pours. and here this lady was sharing about her recent experience of losing her home to a fire, where her kids had to live with her in laws until she and her husband can find a way to rebuild their home. and it was a third of a seemingly continuous bad luck she was having since the start of the year. her youngest had dengue and had heart complications, and then she met a road accident and then the fire.

somehow, i share in her desperation. since my Mom is in the hospital for more than 3 months now and not having any significant development neurulogically. and then our financial woes at home because of this. everything just seem to be such a burden. and i'm running out of ideas how we can survive. the lady named Angel was an inspiration. she may have been human for the first few weeks of her predicament but she had to stand strong and make all effort to fight.

i just felt it. it was a message, that we all are going through bad bumps in our lives. that He wanted to comfort me and hear His message through Angel. she said, "di naman tayo bibigyan ng pagsubok na di natin kaya lusutan." so cliche yet so profound.

Thank you Lord for sending an Angel.

Drama and blessed

Posted by cinderellaareus on March 19, 2018 at 09:44 PM | under: Monday

An fb friend posted something like, "kung tutusin, lahat naman tayo blessed. Madrama lang talaga tayo."

I cannot agree more.


Got to the office on time.

Partner helped me attend to some painful customer. The issue was resolved in the end.

When I got off the bus on my way home, Mom and Kaitlyn were waiting for me.

Sis-in-law cooked sopas and it was so good.

BFF said she'll buy a swimsuit from my swimwear line.

My beautiful cousins said they will too.

Alam ko. Blessed ako. I am greatful.

I just can't explain this unhappiness. This dissatisfaction. And disappointment.

Probably the time of the month.

Siguro din, namimiss lang kita. As much as i want to have you have a taste of your own medicine, it sucks that the thought of you hurting hurts me too. 

Sa isa sa mga paborito kong kdrama, may isang lalaking nagtanong dun sa bidang lalaki kung paano daw magiging kasing cool nya para sya rin maging popular sa girls. Ang sagot nung bida, ang cool daw e yung taong nagmamahal ng malaya. Nagmamahal na hindin nagho-hold back out of fear na baka sya yung higit na nagmamahal kesa dun sa other person.

Gets ko ung point. I think, what messes up loving e pride. Pero puteeek, ang hirap kasi nung wala yung pride. Ewan.

Sabi sa talk show na napanood ko noon, hindi mo daw masasabing nagmamahal ka kung hindi ka nasasaktan. Tingin ko hindi naman laging ganun. Hindi DAPAT laging ganun.

Kaya kanina, dumaan ako sa chap bago umuwi. Twing dinadapuan ako ng lungkot, feeling ko sinasadya lang yun ni God dahil gusto Nya kong makausap. Kanina i asked the Heavens for a love na hindi masakit.

Wala lang.

Para maiba naman.

Posted by chronicwind on March 19, 2018 at 11:03 AM

Ang saya saya niyang pasayahin


Ang gaan gaan sa loob 

Not funny

Posted by cinderellaareus on March 18, 2018 at 06:14 PM | under: Sunday

So i slept super late last night. Tipong umaga na. Mga 2AM. Tas as I slept, i woke up because I've lost the feel of the pillow under my head. Pag gising ko, i found every single pillow I have on my bed (i have 4) neatly piled up beside me.

I WAS SLEEPING ALONE. And I don't pile up my pillows that way.

This is not funny. Huhu. T_T


"Best feeling is when you just naturally click with a person. Talking all day, every day, no forceful conversation, laughs, attention. They are worth their weight in gold, don’t lose them." —Samantha Lee Loper 

Well, I tried.

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